Download Driver & User Guild

In order to use your WoodPad drawing tablet with your computer, download and install a Windows or Mac driver from list below.

Best Practices for Installing the Driver

Before installing the driver, please uninstall all the other graphics tablet drivers from your computer.

Close all drawing application and download the WoodPad driver.

Please follow the instructions and restart the computer. 

WoodPad Driver Download

下載WoodPad 繪圖版驅動程式,可以擁有更多筆壓特色與設定。


User Guild Download


Driver Installation Common Questions

  • Can I use other drawing tablets after I install the WoodPad driver?
  • No, installing the WoodPad driver will replace other drivers that are previously installed on your computer.


  • Can WoodPad driver be used with Wacom devices?
  • No.The WoodPad driver can only detect and function with WoodPad, other devices may not be functioned correctly.


  • I have a Wacom driver installed on my computer; do I need to download your driver?
  • Yes, before downloading the WoodPad driver, unplug all Wacom tablets from your computer/laptop. Close all drawing applications. Then, download the driver.


  • I plugged WoodPad into my computer, the mouse isn’t moving.
  • If the mouse is still not moving Try using another computer with this device. If you plug the WoodPad into the device and it still does not work, please contact customer service for an exchange.


  • Why does pen pressure work in Microsoft Office but not on my drawing applications?
  • A driver installation is needed to use the pen pressure capability for drawing applications. Please download the driver above.


  • My Driver Can't download
  • If the WoodPad driver failed to load properly, first perform the recommended action in any error message that may appear on your screen. If that does not solve the problem, review the troubleshooting procedures below.
  • Look in the troubleshooting tables below. Your problem may be described there and you can try the solution offered.
  • Test your tablet and input tools. See testing your tablet and testing your tools
  • If you are having a compatibility conflict between WoodPad and a new hardware or software product, see obtaining driver downloadsfor information on downloading an updated software driver. WoodPad periodically updates the software driver to maintain compatibility with new products.
  • Driver could not install on Win7(SP1) without .NET Framwork V4.0 : Please download it HERE and install it.
  • If you have tried the suggestions above and still cannot resolve the problem, then fill out the contact form HERE.

How can I Test my Drawing Tablet?

  • Testing Your Tablet
  • Turn on your computer and wait until the system has fully loaded.
  • Check the tablet connection. The tablet must be properly connected and registered it as a USB device on your computer. Make sure the tablet USB cable is securely connected to the tablet and to an active USB port on your computer. WoodPad requires that you connect to a primary USB port (located directly on your computer) or to a powered USB hub.
  • If your computer does not register the tablet, try another USB port.
  • If it still does not register the tablet, plug it into another computer with an active USB port.
  • Note: For best results when troubleshooting no power to the tablet, plug the tablet directly into the system USB port located on your computer. Temporarily eliminate any external hubs in use until you determine that the system recognizes the tablet and that it is functional. When the tablet is working properly, it is usually okay to then move the tablet to a powered USB hub


  • Checking the Grip Pen
  • Move your pen across the tablet active area; your cursor should move in the corresponding direction on your monitor or display screen.
  • Press the pen tip against the surface of the tablet. The system will perform Click.
  • Next, without applying pressure to the pen tip, hold the pen tip within approximately 7 mm of the tablet. See if the cursor moves on the screen. If these tests pass, then your pen is fully functional. If these tests do not tests fail, you may have a defective input tool or tablet. Contact us HERE.
  • Note: After testing, use the WoodPad control panel to reconfigure your tablet and tools for any custom settings you may originally have been using.


  • Testing Your Tools
  • To test your tool, the WoodPad driver must be installed onto your computer.
  • Open the driver and click the ABOUT button. The ABOUT dialogue box displays to show dynamic information about the tablet hardware and pointing devices.
  • Press the pen onto the tablet, the values on the "Pointing Device Info" should change.


  • Testing the pen
  • With the diagnostic window still open
  • Move your tool along the tablet surface. The X and Y DATA values should change to reflect the tool position.
  • Click on the tablet surface with the tool tip – the PRESSURE value should change (PRESSURE should change from approximately 0% with no pressure applied to approximately 100% when full pressure is applied.
  • Make sure when you are testing the pen your cursor is on your main screen. If you are using two monitors, do not test on your external monitor, the values will not move. Move your cursor onto your main screen and test again.