ViewSonic Notas Pen Display

Wherever educators are, the use of Pen Display makes teaching much easier.

The New Normal has arrived


Unrestricted Work Places for Educators

Places where educators impart wisdom are not restricted to classrooms; ViewSonic Pen Display presents blackboard writing completely and lessons intuitively even if lecturers need to teach from home or give lectures wherever they are.


Unrestricted Learning Locations for Learners

The field of learning is no longer restricted to classrooms; students from different places can join courses through different devices. Students can use ViewSonic Notas Pen Display to take notes because it suits the writing habits of people and the digitized notes are easier to manage and save.

ViewSonic Notas PD1330 is a 13.3 inch Pen Display that provides new normality for portable teaching devices. It is equipped with 8192 pen pressure technology with +-60 tilt angle to display smooth handwritings, and its use with a pen can convey blackboard handwritings and course contents more intuitively. It has full HD 1920x1080 high resolution and NTCS 72% color performance display exquisite and accurate image qualities, its support of the Plug & Play function with Type-C one-cable input interface makes it easier and more convenient to use, and its ultra-thin design with only 0.8kg weight and 7mm thickness makes it easier to carry. It is suitable for educators and learners.


Professional Digital Pen with Accurate Handwriting


It provides 8192 level pen pressure sensitivity that can display the thick and thin changes of strokes meticulously. Its resolution can reach up to 5080LPI so that text that was traditionally written on blackboards can now be placed on a 13.3 inch display; whether the teacher is trying to present complicated mathematical formulas or graphic explanations, they can all be fully displayed with Notas Pen Display.


Plug & Play

It is easy to use and no installation is required; simply connect the device and synchronized screen mode can be used.

Handwriting driver can be downloaded for advanced customization settings ( )


*Note: If the computer already has other graphic or handwriting software installed, they must be uninstalled first and the device rebooted. Afterwards, the ViewSonic Pen Display driver can be installed.


Lightweight and Easy to Carry

It is super lightweight at 815g and ultra-thin at only 7mm; it is easy to use and carry. Teachers can carry it to different places for teaching.




Digitizer Whiteboard with myViewBoard

Writing on the screen with a pen allows intuitive operations; whether it is writing, drawing, highlighting important parts or operating whiteboard functions, the ViewSonic Notas pen allows easier operation for teachers.


Blackboard Writing

Blackboard writing suits the usage habits of teachers more for many courses; the use of Notas Pen Display can overcome the difficulty of writing with a mouse. Whether it is language classes, math classes or art classes etc., teachers can teach in the same way that they have always been teaching.


Increase Interactions

The myViewBoard electronic whiteboard has many interactive functions, including “real-time quizzes” and “group discussions”. Students can use the Pen Display to write the discussion contents of the group on the digital whiteboard; even drawings can be presented easily.




使用筆電、ViewSonic Notas手寫液晶顯示器、webcam呈現攜帶式教學方案