WoodPad Drawing Tablet

A Drawing Tablet made out of Nature Bamboo

About WoodPad

WoodPad is dedicated to making quality drawing pads made out of natural materials, bamboo. Designed with a  modern, minimalist style, makes your drawing tablet 

How can I choose between WoodPad 7"or 10"?





WoodPad 7 drawing pad for entry-level users who are looking to take their art to the next level. 

<img src=”woodpad7 front side .png” alt=”woodpad7 front side”>

我們是一家以產品設計為主導的公司, 旨在打造款式簡潔時尚且關注社會大眾需求的產品。 公司聚集了一批來自哈佛大學設計學院 以及麻省理工商學院的優秀設計團隊。 我們致力於設計獨特新穎的創新產品, 適合不同年齡,性別人士使用。 在執著追求產品優化同時,注重履行企業社會責任。

<img src=”woodpad10 front side. png” alt=”woodpad10 front side”>

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