Notas Pen Display


ViewSonic Notas PD1330 is a 13.3 inch Pen Display that provides new normality for portable teaching devices. It is equipped with 8192 pen pressure technology with +-60 tilt angle to display smooth handwritings, and its use with a pen can convey blackboard handwritings and course contents more intuitively.


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WoodPad Drawing Tablet

WoodPad is dedicated to making quality drawing tablets made out of natural materials. Designed with a modern, minimalist stylus and elegant beauty. 

We provide 7 & 10 inches of a drawing tablet,  you can choose your  preference according to your drawing habit. 


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ViewStylus Surface Pen

A pen ready for professional workers

ViewStylus Surface Pen uses Microsoft Pen Protocol & Microsoft Ink Certified.

It is compatible with Microsoft Surface laptop & tablet, and more.


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